Association "Young metallurgists" and Wenzhou University Welcomes You to
The International Conference "Metals Green Manufacturing and Allied Science 2020"

The International Conference "Metals Green Manufacturing and Allied Science 2020" aims:

to bring together representatives of enterprises, scientific community, scholars and industry experts who are interested in the implementation of green technologies in metals manufacturing. The conference will also address introducing lean manufacturing technologies and environmental standards at metallurgical enterprises.
to provide an excellent international platform for sharing knowledge and results in theory, methodology, application impacts as well as challenges in the field of green manufacturing.
to share the vivid experience of experts on cutting-edge development in the fields of metals green manufacturing and to motivate researchers and practitioners from both academia as well as industries to practice the state-of-the-art technologies.
to discuss practical and theoretical results that would contribute towards the development of materials and processes for an ecofriendly and sustainable future.

The main directions of the reports

(i) Energy from renewable sources
Renewable energy is energy that has been derived from earth’s natural resources that are not finite or exhaustible, such as wind and sunlight. Renewable energy is an alternative to the traditional energy that relies on fossil fuels, and it tends to be much less harmful to the environment.
(ii) Energy efficiency
The efficiency of the appliances and equipment used in homes and businesses has increased greatly over the past three decades. However, there is still much that can be done to reduce the amount and slow the growth of energy consumption in residential and commercial buildings.
(iii) Pollution/Emission reduction
Greenhouse gas emissions, which are produced by fossil fuels, agriculture, transport and other sectors, cause climate change.
We haven't done enough to reduce those emissions and tackle climate change. This has led to a climate crisis. The crisis now threatens the world’s peoples, nature and ecosystems.
Greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction & recycling
Waste recycling is a growing field of activity. Recycling can reduce the use of virgin raw materials
and energy, and thus also greenhouse gas emissions.
(iv) Natural resources conservation/waste utilization
Past and current production and consumption patterns have underpinned substantial growth in wealth across Europe. However, concerns about the sustainability of these patterns are mounting, particularly regarding the implications related to resource use and over-use.
Conference topics include but are not limited to:
• Renewable energy utilization in metallurgical industries (energy sources include: wind, biomass, geothermal, solar, ocean, hydropower, landfill gas and municipal solid waste).
• Advanced technologies and practices to improve energy efficiency in metals manufacturing
• Implementation of novel technologies towards emission reduction and GHG reduction
• Metals Recycling
• Eco-Foundry Technologies
• Light-weight Materials and Composites
• Additive Manufacturing Technologies
• Advancements in Eco-Mining, Bio-Mining Technologies
• Lean Manufacturing
• Sustainable Tribology (e.g. friction reduction, natural additives/lubricants)
• Waste Utilization (e.g. utilization of flyash in composites)
• Environmental Aspects and Challenges in Metal Production
• Industry 4.0 in Mining, Metallurgical and Materials and Allied Industries

The International Conference on Metals Green Manufacturing and Allied Science 2020 is an important academic activity, which will be a part of the World Young Scientist Summit

The International Conference "Metals Green Manufacturing and Allied Science 2020" is an
important academic activity,
which will be a part of the World Young Scientist Summit


All conference participants are invited to attend the World Young Scientist Summit, and utilize the wonderful opportunity to have direct, face-to-face professional communication with Noble Prize Winners, Academicians, Fellows and Professional Academic Experts and Entrepreneurs
Publication of the report in a scientific journal
1. Search for partners from high-tech sectors

2. Insights into Next Generation Technologies

3. Diversification of activities

4. Involvement in the international innovation and acceleration community

5. An overview of opportunities to commercialize ideas


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